Are you in the process of constructing a new roof? Then you probably have your hands full as you try to figure out what type of roofing design to choose or what type of roofing materials to get for your project.

But there is one more thing you absolutely must consider before getting your roof installed is roofing trusses. You can also look for heydenframeandtruss to know more about timber roof truss.

Roofing trusses are the constructions that keep your roofing materials in place on top of your home. Traditionally, trusses are mostly made of timber and these have quite a few pros and cons to consider before you decide on the best type of trusses for your construction project.

Timber Trusses

Wood trusses are a very popular type of roofing construction material because wood is generally more affordable than steel.

But if you think that this is the best roofing material for your home or building then think again. Wood has quite a few negative aspects you need to consider before you decide on this type of truss.

Steel Trusses

Steel trusses are becoming increasingly popular in modern home constructions for various reasons such as the fact that they can be constructed off-site in advance.

At Safeway Steel Frames we truly believe that this is the better and stronger roofing material for your home or building because of the many benefits of this type of material. Here are the top pros and cons of steel trusses.