Allergies are common during spring and autumn. People who are most sensitive to allergens are more likely to get the flu-like symptoms. Along with other discomforts, a runny nose and blocked sinus can be the result. Some people are more vulnerable than others. Asthma sufferers are more at risk if their allergies worsen.

The solution is not in a new allergy medication, but an old trusted ingredient that is widely available around the globe. As more evidence is available about the effectiveness of dry salt treatment in treating allergies and other respiratory conditions. 

dry salt therapy

Salt therapy for allergies is gaining popularity. These cases can be treated by simply spending time in salt caves. The condition of the lungs will improve if one spends some time in a salt cave. 

Salt is antibacterial and antifungal. It acts on the respiratory epithelial cells to clear out mucus and eliminate inflammation. It dissolves phlegm and kills microorganisms. It also helps to expel mucus and strengthens the immune response to allergens and pathogens. 

The effectiveness of rock salt therapy has been proven by the existence of salt caves in Denver, which have helped hundreds of people with allergies and other lung diseases to breathe easily for hundreds of years.