Belt buckles are used to cover and adjust the belt around the waist, including one or two pieces that may be interlocked, attached to the end, or both ends of the belt.

The most belt buckle will include standards although it is possible for users to purchase a separate buckle to build a collection or simply to replace those damaged. You can buy the best buckle through The Paracord Store.

Belt buckle type options

Belt buckle type of available options you can choose from include:

Tang buckle: Tang buckle features a metal ring plus one or two flaps hinged called tangs attached to the base. The belt runs through the ring and secured with tangs, you push through one of the holes in the buckle along the belt. This is the most secure and is usually found in the majority of leather belts.

Paracord Buckles - Black Atwood Rope MFG

Snap buckles: Consists of two pieces, one with a buckle with springs on both sides and hollower with an open hand, snap buckles have each section is found at one end of the belt. To get into the hollow part of the buckle, the buckle squeezed and snapped into place, locking pieces. Typically used for woven belts, usually made of plastic material.

Clip buckle: Buckle clip comes with a thin metal plate that fits on the end of the belt and has a belt is inserted through the rail in the back and then secured by magnets or spring clips. Found in western style belts, they are typically the most severe decorated belts of the type of selection.