Pre-employment screening has several advantages for employers. First of all, these inspections have been proven to increase employee productivity while creating a safe environment in the company. 

Pre-employment review ensures that companies hire employees who are qualified, experienced, and have the right skills. This, in turn, leads to an effective introduction in the company of new employees. In addition, employers ensure that their investment in employee recruitment, training, and management is protected by being able to anticipate behavior or problems that may arise.

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Employee background checks usually involve many methods to determine an individual's employability. Some of the many types of verification include patriotism, employment history, references, education verification, and driving records. 

Other areas the company reviews include viewing social security numbers, court records, financial information, and even reviewing military records when needed. These are just some of the ways companies can ensure they have employees who won't cause problems in the future. 

Some companies even have a department that specializes in screening and searching for information about potential employees. On the other hand, some organizations prefer to outsource this type of work. The downside of outsourcing pre-employment checks to service providers in this area is the risk of shallow checks. Some service providers run simple screenings that do not retrieve all the necessary information that could be used to screen a candidate.