Titanium is a chemical element well-known for its strength, low density, and other properties. It is also resistant to corrosion. Joining titanium pieces together has been a challenge for years. Titanium welding is the best solution.

Welding titanium can be more complicated than most people realize. There are many experienced and skilled welders that can handle the technical aspects of welding titanium. You can read more about efficient titanium welding services via various online sources.

titanium welding services

Even if you are not a professional in titanium welding, you can still benefit from the knowledge. This is especially true for the preparation of titanium to be weldable. Experts agree that titanium material preparation is essential for successful welding.

Experts believe that 70% is preparation. Only 30% of actual welding takes place. The quality of the material is a key factor in welding success. Chemical cleaning is required.

It is essential to remove all airborne contaminants, oils, and grease from the material. Natural oils found on the skin must also be removed. This is why titanium welding appears very similar to aluminum welding.

For the second type of welding, cleanliness is essential. The air around the titanium welding must also be prepared. The oxygen from the atmosphere should not enter the titanium weld's heat area during welding. Pure argon could also be used for welding.