Before we understand the purpose and process of web design, let us understand the origins of web design. Proposed in 1989 by Tim Berners-Lee with consolidated ideas for hypertext and a domain name system in relation to the Transmission Control Protocol, he began developing a web browser which was a sign of its more functionality. The world got its tool to Fetch information from all over the world with one key in 1990.

Business promotion is the financial advantage of web design that helps promote your sales products very close to customers. For example online supermarkets, online banking, etc. You can hire the best designers in Christchurch to make your website look more attractive.

Within a decade, the net penetrated the Earth's atmosphere. The website design style is facilitated by its updates from text to images, static images to moving images. Move graphics into animation and grow beyond your imagination.

Globalization of information and resources is the main benefit of web design which helps to share information with everyone from anywhere.

Online marketing is a method that helps to do business 24/7 and reach customers from anywhere in the world.

Online education helps students get their education anywhere in the world. With the help of web design, we can even manage online universities and institutions with their real functions in practice. That's why we can offer education beyond borders, ages, and disabilities.

Creating a web design and hosting it on a web server doesn't mean it will reach every customer, but it's only half the job and still ends up with the SEO process.