It's becoming more and more unusual to find someone who does not have internet access, and just as rare to find someone who does not have a mobile phone. An exorbitant amount of time now spent on the internet for almost unlimited access, and this is a great opportunity for those who have or are seeking, Bible studies online. 

Whether at home, traveling, working, or just out and about, anyone who wants to do research. Of course, with everything else on the internet, it is difficult for a person to focus on studying the Bible, but for those who really want to know more about God's Word, many resources are available on the internet. You can get more information about the bible online at

Because Internet usage continues to increase (over one billion people use it), it would stand to reason that it will be the main venue for evangelistic outreach. A statistic of about three years ago said that about thirty percent of them on the internet is just surfing the web, with no particular destination in mind. 

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However, the internet can be a benefit for people who do not like to read. Online study Bible provides quick help in answering challenging passages and can save the hassle of driving to the nearest Christian bookstore where they may or may not carry books on a specific topic of study.

For those who like detail, the internet is a place where a wide range of detail is provided. There can be a lot of information given about any biblical topic, and although sometimes it is the same basic information, it is often pitched in a different way, which may lead to an understanding person.