There are four variables to consider when deciding what to eat or not to eat before exercising. A typical confusion is eating foods that need more time to process before exercising.

Four things to consider are:

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The duration of your exercise

To what extent does it take to process your diet?

How far before you start your exercise

How important before your exercise starts is important because you can eat a portion of the substance (high in fat and protein) that is not yet digested and sit in your stomach. That's fine, in case it's a high-impact, low-intensity exercise with no problem.

However, in the case of high-intensity weight training or oxygen consuming activity, it can make your exercise more and more languid and increase bloating, gas, indigestion or other stomach related problems.

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Certain foods require more time to process than others. Organic products are quickly digested. Under normal conditions, they pass through the frame related to the stomach in 30-45 minutes. Proteins and fats take 2-3 hours to process, so if you have plenty of time before exercise, you can eat walnut and wafer cream, cheddar cheese, or protein drinks. 

Regarding the intensity of your exercise, the body feels that intense exercise "is elegant" Fight ". This turns off your framework in another way, 'Break Digesting'. They do not work at the same time.

The point is that if you exercise intensely and eat a meal or snack full of protein and fat, you should give your body enough opportunity to process nutrition before you start the intense exercise. If nutrition is in your stomach and is not being processed properly, it most likely will not help you during exercise.