Technology is growing at a rapid pace and is being used in many different fields to make life and work easier. Office inspections are no different. One of the main areas where technology is making life easier for home inspectors is through the use of home inspection software. Top Asset inspection software now allows office inspectors to toss the clipboard and get rid of the paper from their inspections and reporting. 

This allows an inspector to deliver a more professional report to their clients, and for some, eliminates the tedious process of writing the inspection on paper and then retyping everything back at the office. Today software for conducting office inspections allows you to use a handheld, phone, tablet PC, or laptop in the field. 

This allows the inspector to collect all of the information in the field and eliminates the work that is often done back at the office. This saves home inspectors a great amount of time on each inspection and frees up time to focus on other aspects of the business such as marketing.

With asset inspection software loaded up onto a portable device, home inspectors can put together the entire report while conducting the home inspection. Software makes it easy to use dropdowns to enter the condition of items, add notes, add pictures, and make recommendations to clients.