Laser hair removal refers to the permanent reduction of unwanted hairs on the body or face. It is achieved by using laser light. We will take a closer look at this type of hair removal. Many people find it bothersome to have a hairy body or face. There are many ways to get rid of it. Laser hair removal is one of the most common and current methods. 

Laser hair removal is just what it sounds like. This procedure works best for those with dark hair with a coarse texture. This procedure works best for people with light skin and dark hair. Laser technology is constantly improving and new lasers are available at Face and Body laser that can work for people with both dark and light skin.

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Laser hair removal uses light energy from a laser to remove unwanted hair. Here's a quick description of how it works. The area is first shaved, then cleaned thoroughly. Next, a special cream is applied. The laser emits or produces pulsed beams that are highly concentrated. The light is then absorbed into skin, where it enters pigments found in follicles. 

This causes damage to the surrounding follicles. The paralysis of the hair follicles results in the destruction of the surrounding skin. Although it can feel uncomfortable, it is not painful. A patient may feel a slight stinging sensation. This is a sign that the laser is working. A series of impulses can then be produced that may cause a light burning sensation or a prickling sensation. 

Most cases, the sensations felt are very mild. Patients describe the sensations they feel during sessions as something like when they take a rubberband and press it against their skin. The area you need the treatment depends on how long it takes and how many sessions you require.