It is that special week of the year. Your parent's anniversary. And you need one of the best anniversary gifts. You got a trinket for mom. Now, what would be the best companion for it? You want her to treasure it for the years to come. Therefore, for this very special occasion, what you need is a handmade jewelry box with exquisite carvings to make the present a very special one.

In addition, the box also has a very practical use of safekeeping ornaments from dust, dirt, and shock. In these days of quick trips, it will also be useful when you are traveling mother. Not only that, even when at home, but he could also use the case to keep her jewel neatly in place.

You can also buy wooden boxes at in order to put jewelry in it.

We know that the diamond or rather a jewelry is a girl's best friend. It deprecates gems lie in it. Therefore, you must choose carefully.

A wooden jewelry box with some beautiful marquetry design will do wonders for this role. The color and design of the box are also very important. They must complete the trinkets in it. Marquetry is a special skill by the craftsmen that creates wonders on a simple wooden box that makes them quite remarkable.

Jewel cases have been in vogue since ancient times. In the past, women did not have many options to keep their valuables. These boxes are the media to keep their important and valuable articles. Since then, the case has gone through many transitions ornaments and today we have different types of them according to all sorts of purposes.