When you go outside, just how do you put your iphone? For women, they can place the phones in their bags. However, it would be inconvenient sometimes. When there's a simple carrying phone wallet, it is going to give you more amenities.

There are beautifully designed leather iphone wallet cases that will be suitable for elegant ladies. And the content focuses on designs and applicability capabilities. Moreover, made of PU material, it appears textured. 


Pure metal and leather bag, it is delicate and refined. Besides, the buckle design provides a long service life. It gives a removable high-end metal lock using a strap, ensuring safe use. At the bottom side of the front cover, there are paint-top heels that seem to be beautiful. 

Incidentally, it provides plenty of vibrant colors such as options, including black, blue, pink, green, purple, and orange. In addition, it is a big capacity phone case which you are able to carry a lot of things. 

Whenever you open it, then you can find there are plenty of slots, including a phone slot, a photo slot, and lots of card slots. Undoubtedly , you can get a little money into the innermost layer. 

Generally speaking, it lets you put into the phone, cards along with a little money. In conclusion, this phone leather wallet case comes with a delicate and beautiful design. Also, it provides plenty of nice colors for options.