It is important to take into account your climate when installing windows in Pickering. Windows that are effective will keep the heat out in summer and the cold out in winter. People buy new windows to improve the indoor climate in their homes. The following window options may work well for you if your climate is moderate or mixed.

1. Window Specifications

Window experts recommend that people living in mixed climates choose windows that have been "NFRC-certified" with a U-factor of 0.40 or less. A low U-factor will transfer less heat. You can buy windows in Pickering from

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2. Energy-Efficient Windows

Energy-efficient windows can make a huge difference in energy costs for moderate and mixed climates. Make sure the windows have weather stripping at all movable joints. Windows should also be made of durable materials and have window-edge spacers that allow for the glazing to pass between them. It is a good idea to look for windows with an energy-efficient label.

3. Design for Your Climate

New windows have passive design features that allow you to work with the climate, not against it. For example, your air conditioner will work less hard if your windows keep solar energy out and warm the interior. A good window barrier will also keep heat inside so that your furnace doesn’t have to run as often. 

Windows that have a moderate and mixed climate are better for your home's interior and energy efficiency.