Ever wondered about the piles of foam blocks stored on construction sites? Called waffle pods, they are a key element of one of most common types of base. The wafer pods are lightweight yet strong enough to withstand the load of workers and wet concrete during site preparation and concrete pouring.

The waffle pods are arranged in a lattice pattern so that there is space between each pod. Steel reinforcement is placed in these spaces. You can purchase waffle pod slab products via nicsonsbp.com.au/products for home renovation. Reinforcement is also applied around the edges and over the entire installation.

When concrete is poured into the wafer chamber assembly, the spaces between each pod become very strong ribs. These ribs add hardness and texture to waffle sheets and provide a solid foundation for a new home.

It is this arrangement of ribs and pods that gives this system its name – if you look at any of the plates below, they look like waffles! The thickness of the waffle plate and the size of the ribs and edges around the outside of the plate may vary depending on the technical requirements. 

Heavy concrete pillars can also be poured under the ceiling at certain points if additional support is required due to local site conditions. This system is a fantastic innovation in modern construction and saves homeowners time and money.