Are you worried about your child in the habit of sucking his thumb? And you feel very embarrassed before others because of this stupid habit? Then you have to go through this article if you are really concerned about their habit. There are devices like tguard finger guard and thumb guard for thumbsuckers and many more, why not to try these out ?

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Symptoms of Thumbsucking

If the habit is broken before the eruption of permanent teeth, it can be considered harmless.

thumb while sucking leads to many adverse effects. The main symptoms of this problem are presented by the teeth and they are:

  • Displacement of kid's teeth because of unequal forces placed on the teeth by the thumb.

  • The upper and lower front teeth can not approximate with each other.

  • The gap or lack of approximation of the upper and lower teeth can cause speech disorders in pronunciation

  • Breeding and uneven teeth change the appearance of the face. This can cause an inferiority complex in the young mind.


It can be treated by the following methods given below.

1. Methodological by additional oral

  • Unpleasant substances can be applied to kid's thumb.

  • Pressing the thumb with plaster to prevent thumb sucking.

2. Psychological process

The child is guided by the dentist and the parent to deliberately end the habit of sucking his thumb over. This is possible only if the child is psychologically ready and wants to stop the habit

3. Intra-oral methods

This is done by the manufacture of devices, which are then mounted in the mouth of the child by the dentist. They are normally considered as punishment devices by the child, sometimes producing severe emotional disorders.