Shampooing your hair is one of the most basic hygiene practices that people should follow on a regular basis. Using hair shampoo has many benefits. The shampoo consists of various basic and beneficial ingredients that will make your hair better in every way. If you are planning to buy hair shampoo, you may need to look beyond price before making the decision to buy the right shampoo for your hair.

Shampoo for damaged hair: If you like to style your hair with heat and often, your hair is more prone to breakage. The heat styling process reduces the moisture level in your hair and makes it dry. The best damaged hair shampoo is packed with proteins and moisturizers that will leave your hair looking shinier than ever. Protein promotes hair growth, while moisturizer compensates for water loss.

Shampoo for oily hair: If you are a person with fine hair, you may find that your hair is greasy even after washing your straight hair. Cleansing shampoo is suitable for this hair type. Formulated with panthenol, this shampoo not only helps to completely remove oil but also thickens hair strands.

Shampoo against hair loss: Have you noticed that your hair is gradually thinning? Then you may need to use an effective hair loss shampoo. While this shampoo doesn't promise regrowth, it is effective in preventing future hair loss. This shampoo blocks DHT (dihydrotestosterone) and offers the best protection against hair loss. Most of these shampoos are formulated with protein and amino acids to make your hair thicker.