The largest metropolis in the world awaits you. As a first visitor, you will see for yourself the extraordinary vitality and energy that can be found in the city of London.

You will want to see the houses of historical figures and the many buildings where major decisions have been made.

You want to see cultural and entertainment venues and visit the oldest parliament in the world. London is a city of scenes. And a day trip to London offers you an all-encompassing experience. To visit London you can also contact travel agents at

Tours from London are amazing. A day trip to London is the best way to explore the city. This will give you a real feeling for the excitement that must be enjoyed in it.

Bridge in the tower

Tower Bridge is more than a bridge for Londoners – it is part of their great heritage. It can also be seen in various Hollywood films such as The Mummy Returns and Tomb Raider.

The big Gothic-style Bridge is a technical marvel, designed by architects Horace Jones and John Wolfe Barry of 11,000 tons of steel. This is a drag bridge and the deck is raised and lowered at certain time intervals.

You can photograph bridges like thousands of others, but you can also walk between two towers to watch the Victorian engine room. In 2014, the sidewalk had a glass floor that gave viewers a direct view of the river and traffic from above.

Big Ben / Elizabeth Tower

Another important landmark in London is the legendary Elizabeth Tower, also known as Big Ben. It was located on the north side of Parliament and was founded in 1859.

While the tower was called Big Ben, it was actually the name of a giant bell in it! The night view is very impressive when all 4 faces light up. This watch is known for its high reliability and has never failed since it was introduced.