Sometimes the best type of tree care is quick removal of the tree that is harmful to humans, property, or other trees in your area. But short stumps are very difficult to get rid of as they are found deep within the Earth.

Fortunately, we have a few companies that provide stump removal solutions. Along with that, nature has also given us ways to get rid of these stumps from our place.

Surface Area Increase Trunnion

The easiest way to dramatically increase the rate of decay is to increase the surface area of the stump. Drilling a hole in the top and sides of the stump is the best way to go. The more stumpy surface areas have bacteria and fungi the more space the detritivores must land and start working.

Increase the amount of material in the decomposing area

Packing the side and on the stump with compost, manure, manure, or other materials that naturally come with many of the same bacteria and fungi that consume stump is another obvious method to increase the rate of decay.

Improving heat and humidity

You don't want to mount the pointy stump of your space heater, but what you can do is let loose stocks drop an emergency mylar blanket over the stumps; They are very good at keeping warm.