Know More About Your Spirit Guide

Spirit guides are there for the purpose of giving you guidance in living your life to the fullest. We all have or can have a guide if we choose. 

Spirit guides are often referred to as guardians or angels. If you believe that you do have a spirit guide, but the information you receive is less then beneficial, the spirit guide is most likely something else. There are severaldifferent types of spirit guides people have. You can also accessing akashic records to keep your soul pure and healthy.

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This could be meditation, yoga, reiki or a deep religious, spiritual conviction. It is thought that ascended masters will have access to the akashic records, which can be a huge benefit for the spiritual practitioner.

1. The spirit picked you for a message that no one else is being told and you are above all others and the only one this message can be told to. Of course if the message is of a highly personal nature there is a reason for it. 

2. The spirit talks to you about magical things that you have done and can do that no one else can. Again ego stroking

3. The spirit likes it when you tell others about the experience, but tries to get you to stay away from those who think the spirit is bad. Ego stroking of the spirit.

4. The spirit instructs you that you are in danger and they are there to protect you from evil spirits. The spirit creates situations where they need to protect you. This is a form of ruling through fear.

6. The information you receive is not that helpful, except in terms of stroking your ego.

7. The spirit passes along negative information about others around you in an attempt for you to break off relationships with them.