Explore More About Adventurous Cenote Diving

Cenotes are historical sinkholes which exist through the Yucatan Peninsula. For several decades, these caverns have been a significant diving charm in Mexico. Cave cenotes are now available to a vast assortment of divers.

Cenote diving is described as cavern diving, and anybody holding a scuba certificate can go into this underground atmosphere. The procedure for cenote diving could be a tough one. Based on which cenote you opt for. You can get the best cenote dive experience in Mexicovia online source.

cenotes for diving

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The dip may start with a mile but it is a giant leap to the sinkhole and a crystal-clear water world comes in front of your eyes. Once inside, you are going to follow a principle and the light of your dive chief in the many tunnels and halls of this cavern. Be ready for the occasional sharp halocline.


For that the best light and visibility, It is preferable to go diving between may and september. For the ideal water weather, select October to April. While October to April might not be considered requirements from the cenotes, there is not any bad time to research these underground wonders.

October to April is considered the ideal time to see Mexico for beach holidays and consequently is the most popular time to dive from the cenotes.

Water temperatures at the cenotes stay constant year-round and trendy quite minimally during winter. Normally, temperatures are roughly 77ºF (24 to 25ºC). May to September is the very best period for cenote diving .These months deliver the very best lighting into the caves and lead to better photos.