What Are The Scientific Explanations For Cannabis Strain Dominance?

Cannabis strain dominance is a term used to describe the pattern of cannabis consumption whereby some strains are preferred over others. Scientists have identified two primary scientific explanations for why some strains are more dominant than others.

The first explanation is that certain strains have been bred specifically to produce a certain type of high. For example, Sativa strains are often known for their uplifting cerebral effects, while Indica strains are more popular for their relaxing and sedating effects. As a result, people who prefer one type of high over another may be more likely to consume a specific strain. You can also get more information about Indica dominant strains via https://bhang-bhang.store/shop/flower/indica/.

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The second explanation has to do with THC and CBD levels. Certain strains contain higher levels of THC than others, and these strains are typically more psychoactive. CBD-rich strains are less psychoactive and may be more beneficial for medical use. However, because they contain lower levels of THC, these strains may not be as popular among recreational users.

The variety of cannabis available for consumption has grown exponentially over the past decade, with numerous government-regulated cannabinoid varieties and growing concerns over the therapeutic benefits of cannabis. 

Conversely, the plant’s psychoactive properties have not been officially regulated by any international treaty. This has led to a vast number of varieties of cannabis plants being developed commercially in many countries throughout the world.