Tips on Selecting the Right Meditation Cushion for Your Needs

If you are into meditation, you will realize that it is rigorous physical work. Sitting in the same pose without movement for a long time leaves you uncomfortable and uneasy.

Your meditation posture should be steady, straight and comfortable. The cushion can be a big help here to make the entire physical sessions entertaining. Let's understand what it is, why we need it and how we have to choose. You can get yoga meditation pillow from various online stores.

What meditation cushion?

The cushion is not like your typical yellow velvet cushion or pom-pom other decorative pillow or cushion that you use to improve your home decor. They can make all the difference to your meditation experience. There are majorly two types of meditation cushions are Zafus and Zen pillows.

Zafus is a traditional meditation cushion roundabout five inches tall and facilitate a comfortable seating. Zen cushion has the same height as that of Zafus but rectangular to allow for more support for the top of your thigh. It is ideal for people who need more support.

However, today there are many variations available to it that much more comfortable sitting brand caters to travelers and a lot of demand for people who are in meditation.

Unfortunately, the human body is not straight or curved. This makes the need for critical support without which your body could give up on the surface shape in which it rested. Meditation cushions as a tool that can ensure a successful training session.