Dos Ojos cenote- A Perfect Place For Diving

Unbelievably clear turquoise blue waters. Stunning geology and character. Warm temperatures all year round. There are ample reasons to choose Dos Ojos cenote for diving. Dos Ojos is a renowned spot for both snorkeling and cenote diving in Mexico. 

Regardless of the title, Dos Ojos is composed of two sinkhole entries and a third big primary cavern connected by a long passageway. Here you will have the delight of swimming together with fish, freshwater shrimp and stunning geology, all created incredibly easy to look at by the warm, clear water. You can experience cenote diving with cenoteguys that are very renouned for providing great diving trips.

Dos Ojos cenote diving

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 Adhere to the concealed path to some other little cave and then divide the surface to discover where countless bats make their house, flitting round the cavern roof. All this made Dos Ojos cenote being sheerly popular and also an amazing spot for both novices and seasoned sailors alike.

The cenote is located in Dos ojos(two eyes) Natural Park. The park is located 22km from tulum which results in Playa del Carmen.  however, so there is no method to get skeptical Coming from Tulum to the southwest, you will see the turnoff to the park obviously signposted for many kilometres before you come up to the entry. Simply speaking, it is quite simple to discover.

Enter the playground and you'll immediately spot the construction which includes the registry office. Here you will want to pay a small entry fee. At the time of arrival at Dos Ojos Cenote, it is a really short walk into the bottom-level launching of the initial cavern. Here you will spot some seats for placing in your snorkeling gear or diving equipment as well.