Popsicle Stick Crafts For Kids – Fun Craft Ideas

One rather simple child crafts you can do with kids is to create adorable things from popsicle sticks. By visiting a local craft shop, you can buy boxes of what they call "craft sticks" which will run you about two dollars to get a million sticks. 

To get a bit more you may also purchase colored sticks that will not have to be painted. You'll have to get a source of white glue or craft glue to finish your projects in addition to whatever embellishments that you would like to use. You can discover the birthday party entertainment for toddlers online.

If you're searching for simple kid crafts, then you may want to begin with creating craft stick Christmas photo frames. Old Christmas cards create great pictures and could be framed as Christmas presents. Begin by gluing one rod across the top and one across the bottom of the picture.  

Your next layer will proceed on on top of both of these sticks forming a square foot. It is possible to try piling the sticks two large, or you can stagger them to generate a layered appearance. By including just a small glow, glitter glue, or any decals, your little one will have created a beautiful small framed image.

Before gluing over the previous stick on the very top, use a marker to write "World's Greatest Dad" on the rod and paste it in position. The finishing touches include gluing a post-it pad at the middle of the framework and attaching a paper clip into the rear for a hanger.

As you may see, crafting with craft sticks could not be simpler, and you're going to be completely shocked at how fine your creations come out.