Reasons to Buy Flowers From Your Local Florist

Nothing speaks love from the heart more than flowers. The extensive list of holidays and occasions gives consumers many opportunities to express their emotions in unique ways. As a result, the floral industry has become a multi-billion dollar business.

It used to be the local florist was the only place one could go and purchase fresh flowers. Today the Internet is dominating floral sales which present growing concerns pertaining to service and savings.

There are many online services that provide flower delivery in Alexandria VA

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Many local florists now have their own websites where you can view and order flowers online, which is great. However, the problem is so doing other larger businesses that pose as local florists, but are really call centers! These businesses often call themselves 'networks' or 'brokers' and have the financial miens to design attractive websites and market nationally.

They capture consumer attention by promoting low starting prices and hiding shocking and expensive fees until just before checking out. For the sake of time and not starting the process over, consumers often end up overpaying for these services. Hidden fees include handling, service, shipping, and delivery.

Are consumers really getting what they pay for when ordering through a network of the floral broker call center? Reportedly, consumers are often disappointed with these services because they end up with something different than what was selected online. Call center agents are order takers not trained florists who understand design, technique or the meaning of flowers.