Energy Efficient Boilers – Energy Efficient Is The Only Way To Go

Boilers heat water or steam and pass it through the house through pipes or radiators. Before buying a new energy-efficient boiler, you need to first decide what type of fuel you want to use. You can get ideas on types of boiler and new boiler installation at

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This is an important decision as fuel prices have fluctuated significantly over the past few years. Boilers usually last a long time, 25 years is the normal life of the boiler and when dealing with certain fuels you have to stick with it. A good choice is a natural gas or electric boiler. Learn more about energy-efficient boilers.

When you receive a new boiler, you will need to check that it meets the energy star requirements. This type of boiler has an Annual Fuel Efficiency (AFUE) of 85 per cent or more. This makes it five per cent more efficient than an ineligible model. They achieve high efficiency with enhanced features such as electric ignition, new combustion technologies, and sealed combustion.

Electric ignition means that the control light no longer has to be on continuously. The new fuel technology is that they extract more heat from the same amount of fuel. The sealed combustion chamber uses outside air to charge the burner, increasing safety and reducing airflow.

Energy Star boilers use about ten per cent less energy. The new energy-efficient boiler installed costs, homeowners, several thousand dollars due to the added features of electric ignition, new combustion technology and closed combustion.