Advantages Of Using Fertigation Technology

Fertigation systems offer farmers fertilization superior choice. Traditional fertilizing methods can be a pain. They may involve maneuvering some heavy bags, using a spreader for distribution and then apply water to allow the fertilizer to really soak into the ground. You can know more about fertigation systems via

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The advantage of this technology include faster activation of fertilizers and fertilizer utilization efficiency is better. Fertigation can be used to avoid problems such as loss of evaporation, dissolution is slow, and slow fertilizer activation arising from the application of fertilizer to the soil surface.

It used especially to avoid evaporation trials of ammonium and urea nitrogen fertilizers that happen when connected directly to the surface of the soil, nitrogen fertilizers to help you save and preserve the environment. 

Therefore, fertigation increases the efficiency of the utilization of fertilizers. Fertigation systems protect 50-70% more fertilizer than traditional fertilization systems; Also, it greatly reduces water pollution problems arising from the excessive use of fertilizers and horticultural farming.

Because the amount of fertilizer used in fertigation can be controlled and adjusted manually, it helps ensure that the crop nutrient needs are met during critical growth periods, solving element deficiency symptoms, and therefore achieve the goal of having both good yields and good quality.