Why HIPAA Compliance Training is Required?

Health Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), the US law that provides confidentiality standards to protect patient medical records and other health information provided to health plans, doctors, hospitals, and other healthcare providers.

This training will help understand the HIPAA Administrative Simplification Act and provide a framework for starting and working on confidentiality and health insurance plans more smoothly.

You can get the best online HIPAA training that can fully explain the importance of HIPAA for information systems infrastructure and HIPAA security and privacy initiatives.

The main goal of HIPAA is to prevent health fraud, ensure that all "proprietary health information" is adequately protected, and limit access to health data to authorized individuals.

Another goal of HIPAA training is to ensure health insurance portability by lifting work bans due to existing illnesses.

What is the purpose of HIPAA?

  • To increase the portability of health insurance.

  • To improve health care efficiency.

  • To protect the confidentiality of patients and health plan members

Who needs this training?

  • All key members of the healthcare compliance team.

  • HIPAA confidentiality and security compliance team.

  • IT specialist for the healthcare industry.

  • Head of the Health Office.

  • Chief Information Officer, Manager, Compliance Officer, Risk Manager, Senior Network Engineer, Database Administrator, Clinician, and Office Manager

  • Healthcare lawyer.

  • Pharmaceutical company leaders and HIPAA compliance officers.

  • Insurance manager.

  • Head of clinical trial organization.

  • Computer security technical staff for any organization that stores personal health information.