Personalised Photo Gifts For the Pet Lover

Pets play an important role in many of our lives, becoming a much-loved member of the family unit. For some, cats, dogs, and other pets are both an obsession and a friendly animal to have around the house. Regardless of how much you feel about your pets, having great-looking photo gifts created with one or more of your images is a great way to add character to your home while paying tribute to your beloved animal.

Photo blankets

Photo blankets can be used for a wide variety of purposes. For the true pet lovers among you, you can have a small pet blanket created that is personalized with a picture of the cat or dog that will sleep on it. Alternatively, you can have a blanket made for you displaying a favorite photograph of your pet. Ideal for use on beds, cribs, travel, or for the living room when you're watching TV, the photo blanket makes a great pet gift. If you want to buy pet photo blanket then visit

Photo cushions

Photo cushions have a concealed zip and measure 17 '' square. One image is printed on the cushion cover as standard, but you can also choose to have a second or the same image printed on the reverse side. Alternatively, you can decide the color of the material used for the back. These soft and comfortable photo cushions are great for you or your pets to sit on and make a great colorful addition to any room in the house.

Photo canvases

A photo canvas is a unique and beautiful piece of wall art that looks great in any room in the house or even the office. As a true tribute to your pet, you can have it immortalized as a high-quality painting to hang on your wall. The woven canvas that is used gives a sublime level of photographic reproduction that brings the image to life; The natural texture of the canvas makes the image more three-dimensional in appearance, so the image almost appears to come off the stretched canvas.