Follow these Tips for your Curly Hair


There are times when we see an individual with curly hair having better looks when compared with straight hair. However, the problem arises for such an individual when it comes to caring for their curly hair. If you are one of those who have curly hair, then consider these tips.

  1. Choose a Silk Pillowcase – Avoid using a cotton pillowcase as it only makes the hair’s moisture dry up quickly. Switch over to a silk pillowcase that will offer less friction and moreover, maintain moisture along with preventing breakage of the hair.
  2. Choose a Natural Shampoo – Instead of using a shampoo that has chemical content, switch over a natural shampoo when it comes to washing your hair. However, if you have curly hair, then make sure you only wash your hair once in 4 days allowing nourishment and great looks to your hair.
  3. Choose Lukewarm Instead of Hot Water – Having a hot water shower is great for your body but not for your hair. Make sure you turn the temperature of the water down to lukewarm that will offer strength and durability to your hair.
  4. Choose a Cotton T-shirt for Drying – After your shower, squeeze out the water from your hair and only dry it with the help of cotton t-shirt. Make sure you aren’t using your towel or else the hair will go dry quickly.

These are the tips to follow when it comes to having curly hair. Along with these tips, you should also consider getting natural keratin treatment for hair at home.