Whether humans or equines both require a balanced proper diet goes a long way towards preventing illness, lameness, and arthritis.

Proper selection in grass and hay can keep your horse in good condition for many years. Nevertheless, in some circumstances, the use of a combined horse supplements diet may be required.

equine joint supplement

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A few of these conditions might be an elderly horse, a horse that has suffered an injury, a horse with a heavy workload, or a highly athletic horse. In such situations, choosing the ideal joint supplements for horses is important.

If you are subjecting your horse into a heavy or athletic workout routine, Glucosamine products are great horse joint supplements. These equine joint supplements are derived from a chemical called chitin, which comes chiefly from floor shrimp and crab shells.

Of all the joint supplements on the market, Glucosamine is probably the one that is most researched. Its main function is to help keep the horse's joints and cartilage lubricated and assist in the proper creation of the joint tissue.

As the equine ages, or as its own body is subjected to consistent rigorous riding, it may not produce the adequate quantities of Glucosamine on its own, which could lead to the cartilage that loses its shock absorption capacity within the horse's joints.

The joints may become stiff and painful. This can lead to a restricted selection of motion and in acute cases lameness and even deformation.

If you want to enjoy a long ride or a working relationship with your horse, you can consider adding a joint improvement or healing supplement to the horse's diet.