Vacations are something that we all want and you can now rent a private jet at an affordable price. To reach a wider audience, private jet rentals are becoming less expensive.  These flights can still be more luxurious than a coach flight, but they are also very affordable depending on your needs. With the right separate plane price, there are many ways to save money on your special vacation.

The size of the plane is the first place to save. The hourly rate for a smaller plane is higher, which will result in a lower private charter rental price.

Next, the destination is where you'll find the benefit. It is more likely to drive two hours to reach the same destination than it takes for an hour by plane. You might not be able to get a commercial flight to the same destination if you request one because larger jets are not allowed to fly to that airport.

This means that private plane rentals can be more affordable than driving and are closer to the destination than flying larger aircraft. However, larger planes may still need to be driven so a rental car is an option.

In some instances, a company may book a flight but tell the charter they are open to other passengers. A charter could pay a portion of the cost of renting a private plane, saving both you and the other company some money. 

You might also have a private plane rental where a company has booked a one-way trip. The pilot must return home so they lower the one-way rate.